Shiv Mehta

Ecole Mondiale World School Class of 2023 | Mumbai | 'Mathlete' | Full Stack Developer | ML/AI Enthusiast


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Below are my achievements and accolades

Indian Institute of Technology TechFest - TechFest Innovation Challenge

Apr 2016 - 1st Position

HSK 2 - Chinese Proficiency Exam

Mar 2017 - 195/200

World Robot Olympiad

May 2017 - Future Innovation Award

CEMC (Math Examination) by University of Waterloo

Feb 2020 - Nation Ranking 4th

Machine Learning (CS229) by Stanford Online

Dec 2019 - Passed with 100%

First Lego League (Robotics Competition)

2014 - 2017 Multiple awards for innovation, technical design, and more.

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