My Initiatives - And The Drive Behind Them

Currently, I run the Ecole Mondiale Math Club and Ecole Mondiale Coding Club for high schoolers.

My aim at the Ecole Mondiale Math Club is to teach and include all High School and Middle School students about math and advanced math concepts through problems and questions. As someone who’s been a STEM inclined kid since a young age, this activity allows me to share my passion for maths with a larger community. My dream for math club is that it would become something more than a place for learning. One major goal that I have for Math Club is to increase the amount of girls participating in STEM fields. Currently the STEM fields are divided into 28% of females and 72% of males. I want to channel and increase the interest of girls in mathematics at a young age so that those numbers can become a bit more even.

My aim at the Ecole Mondiale Coding Club is to teach programming to the vast majority of teenagers at my high school. Currently as the newest generation entering the workforce, my generation (Gen Z) is the most technologically adept. In our modern world, programming is a second language which everyone should know. At coding club, we try to show our students what they can create with simple coding and expand their horizons. Currently, a small 24% of high schoolers intend to pursue STEM careers. This number decreases year by year which is what I am trying to fight. I hope by the end of my high school career I would have influenced many to pick up programming or spark a new interest in coding.